The Complete Manned Security Operations System

Increase Operational Efficiency, Sustainability & Profitability!

SIA Control Room is a user friendly, intuitively designed security operations and performance management platform that drives accountability, productivity and superior resilience outcomes.

Improved Performance

SIACONTROLROOM™ improves the overall performance of security teams, through enhanced control, greater discipline and trust which helps maximise revenues, minimise operational costs and optimise service excellence

Increased Productivity

Achieve a step change improvement in the value you deliver to clients. SIACONTROLROOM™ improves decision-making, communication and accountability with a laser sharp focus on enhancing security and overall threat resilience.

Enhanced Quality

Clients can share their perception of the quality of the service received directly with the Security Company. The Monthly Performance Scorecard tracks and measures service level performance at all client sites against a broad range of KPI’s.

Assured Reliability

Great software doesn’t have to be complicated, impractical or full of gimmicks. Simplicity is the key. SIACONTROLROOM™ is designed to be practical, easy to use and most of all, to do exactly what it says on the tin. First time, every time!

Features & Benefits

User Specific Dashboards

Whether you are a Security Company, a Client or an Officer, your dashboard gives you real time access to all the information you need to keep on top of things.

Features & Benefits


Empower your management team and officers to deliver excellence. SIA Control Room™ promotes accountability, enhances operational efficiency and improves communication between officers, management and client.

  • Running Log

    View in real time all officer generated activity across all Client sites which are in live mode.

  • Geo Tag Location

    Validate the location and movement of static and mobile officers with GPS Tags.

  • Voice Messaging

    Validate book on & book off’s, monitor lone worker safety through check calls and provide an emergency response to panic alarm requests.

Features & Benefits

Command & Control

Live View gives 360° panoramic awareness of the security situation and threat profile across all live operations.

Stay organized and in control from your mobile

SIA Control Room provides the SIA mobile workflow app to enhance security officer efficiency and promote greater client assurance.

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