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Security Officer

Simply click on ‘Invite Security Officer to Register’. This will open an invitation screen. Complete the First and Last Name of the Security Officer and provide a contact email address. On receiving the email invitation, the Security Officer simply clicks on ‘Complete Profile’ which can be found at the bottom of the email to answer all the questions. 

You can deactivate the account of any Security Officers who have left your employ or are on sabbatical. This will reflect in the next month’s billing.

Yes SIACONTROLROOM™ keeps a record of the SIA Licence type, number and expiry date. Reminders are sent when a licence has 60 days or less to expire.


Simply click on ‘Invite Client to Register’. This will open an invitation screen. Complete the Business Name, First and Last Name of the Client and provide a contact email address. On receiving the email invitation, the Client simply clicks on Complete Profile at the bottom of the email to answer all the questions. 

With SIACONTROLROOM™ you can invite and onboard as many clients as you like, there is no limit. We do not charge you based on the number of clients you have. We charge you based on the number of active Security Officers.

Additional Users

As Administrator you can grant additional Users access to the Account, for example Control Room Operatives, HR staff responsible for BS758 screening or staff responsible for undertaking site safety risk assessments. All additional Users have Controller level accounts. These accounts can be edited, deleted or deactivated by the Administrator.

Profile at the bottom of the email to answer all the questions. 

White Label

SIACONTROLROOM™ is a white label application. You are able to customise the look and feel of the web application by uploading your corporate logo. You can also upload your Standing Orders (standard operating procedures governing) and any Corporate Policies which govern your Security Company. The Mobile App is not white label.

Yes, to upload your corporate logo, first go to CORPORATE BRANDING then to Upload Logo and select the most appropriate dimension, then Choose file to upload the logo. You can use the resize tool to crop and improve the appearance of the logo. For best results your logo should be designed to meet either 160 x 40 (for rectangular logos) or 75 x 75 (for square logos). Your logo will now appear on the inside pages of the application.

No. The mobile application has been designed as a standardised work tool. It is available in both Android and iOS versions.


The Shift & Assignment Summary contains all the important information regarding both the assignment and the shift. These include the date, start and finish times, the rate of pay, a google map of the location and the contact details of the Client and any On-Call Officers. It also includes the site health & safety risk assessment, any vetting requirements and the assignment instructions.

The Shift & Assignment Summary provides all the important shift information including date, start and finish times, hourly rate of pay. It also provides the Client with the name and photograph of the Security Officer on duty, details of their SIA Licence type and training record. Clients that require additional identification evidence prior to a security officer starting their first shift on site, can view copies of any requested documents via ‘On-Site Vetting’ in the Client Folder.

To create automated Patrol Points as part of a Patrol Route, go to Question 10 in the ‘Create Assignment wizard’. Answer the questions by providing as much detail as possible of the location of each Patrol Point. QR codes will be generated against each location. They can be printed, affixed at the locations described, and then later scanned via the mobile app on a smart phone. Details of scanned patrol points will automatically be recorded onto the Daily Occurrence Report. 


SIACONTROLROOM™ allows the subscriber to set the hourly rate chargeable for its Security Officers in the various licence categories. As well as an hourly management charge. Note that the hourly rate for Security Officers should not be set below the national minimum wage. Rates can be amended, but once published will form the basis of Client invoicing.

Yes, SIACONTROLROOM™ recognises shifts that fall during the hours of a public holiday and automatically counts them at x2 the hourly rate.


Entries onto the Daily Occurrence Sheet (DOS) once saved cannot be changed. Bad or erroneous entries should be corrected in a subsequent entry. The DOS, once published can go directly to the both the Client and to Admin, or if requested, can go first to the Administrator. Administrators can then review the DOS, add any management comments and approve it for onward transmission to the Client’s Dashboard.

No. The Security Company can choose to auto-publish or to review and edit reports submitted by Security Officers before authorising them to be publsihed to the Client Dashboard. 

From the Administrator account, go to Security Officers and then select the Security Officer whom you want to grant access. Click on his/her ‘Profile’ tab and at the bottom of the Profile page click on ‘Please tick box to enable access to Keyholding Reports.’ The Security Officer will now be able to complete and publish any of the Keyholding Reports as required. 

Hardware Requirements

To use SIACONTROLROOM™ all you need is a PC/Laptop or a smart phone (Android or iOS). SIACONTROLROOM™ runs on all major operating systems and browsers.

Yes, however certain features such as scanning patrol points, making check calls, accessing the on-call and geo-tag features are only available via the mobile app. 


Yes. If you are unhappy with the service, you may cancel the susbscription at anytime by giving 30 days written notice. If you have an Annual Subscription, any unexpired time will be refunded to you. Please note that once cancelled, all access to the web and mobile applications will be removed and any stored data will eventually be destroyed.

The Free Trial period lasts for 30 days. On expiry, you may only continue using the software with a paid subscription. The correct plan for you will be automatically selected based on the number of registered security officers you have. 

Data Security

Your data is totally secure. SIACONTROLROOM™ uses cloud-based databases that are completely reliable.

Bulk Messages

SIACONTROLROOM™ has a bulk message feature which allows you to select specific recipients or an entire group (such as all Clients or all Security Officers) to send important notifications to.

On - Call Register

SIACONTROLROOM™ has an On-Call Register feature to deal with this common problem. The Security Officer will know at all times, via the Shift & Assignment Summary the name and contact number of the client officer who is on-call for a specific shift.


The scorecard allows the Client to assess the performance of your security officers and your management team across 32 key performance indicators on a monthly basis. This allows you to take corrective action before a problem becomes a contractual risk.

Mobile App

For the most accurate results, it is advisable that the mobile app is operated whilst connected to the internet. The platform however conducts regular background saves on your information to ensure that no data is lost as a result of connectivity problems. 


SIACONTROLROOM™ is currently available in the UK, Nigeria and Uganda. We have a 6 year plan to introduce the software in other countries on a rolling basis. Check here for future announcements.

Yes, SIACONTROLROOM™ has a geo-tagging feature which provides with +/-100m accuracy, the GPS location where report entries have been made. Along with the time stamp feature, you have the ability to track  the movements of security officers whilst on duty.


In case of a query you can go to the Homepage and click on ‘Support Team’ located in the footer and submit your query via the form. Alternatively you can send an email to Every effort will be made to respond to queries within 24 hours.


The SIA UK App is available for both Android & iOS